Antibody to δ-lysin of was produced in rabbits given injections of purified antigen. Removal of normal serum inhibitors was effected by ammonium-sulphate fractionation and ion-exchange chromato-graphy. The purified anti-δ-lysin showed a single line of precipitation with purified antigen in Ouchterlony agar gel-diffusion tests and when subjected to immunoelectrophoresis. The line of precipitation also coincided with the zone of haemolysis caused by δ-lysin when the agar gel-diffusion test was performed in blood-agarose plates.

A plot of the data obtained in a quantitative precipitin test performed with purified antibody and δ-lysin showed a characteristic curve confirming their interaction; in control tests with non-immune sera in place of δ-antibody, no precipitation was evident.


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