Although the simultaneous administration of staphylococci enhances the virulence for mice of certain Gram-negative bacilli, no such enhancement of virulence of gonococci could be demonstrated. On the contrary, the virulence of was enhanced by the simultaneous administration of gonococci, and fatal staphylococcal infections could be produced by normally non-lethal doses of staphylococci. However, mice were protected by previous immunisation with live staphylococci. The enhanced virulence of staphylococci is due to the action of gonococcal endotoxin on the cellular response of the mouse in the early stages of infection. The exact mechanism is not yet fully understood, but endotoxin administration produces leucopenia, and it is suggested that an important feature is the inhibiting effect of endotoxin on the migration of phagocytic cells to the site of infection.


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