Polyacrylamide-gel electrophoretic patterns of the proteins of type strains of atypical mycobacteria and of clinical isolates were compared. Strains identified according to morphological and biochemical characteristics showed patterns identical with those of their respective type strains.

The various type strains could be grouped according to the degree of similarity shown by their protein-gel patterns. This grouping did not always correspond to the standard classification of Runyon.

The photo- and scoto-chromogens appear to be closely related to each other, and to be closer to than to the other atypical mycobacteria. Within the non-photochromogenic group, appear to be sufficiently different to justify their separation into different groups. Similarly, the rapid growers seem to form two distinct groups. It is suggested that the current system of classification of spp. does not accurately reflect genetic relatedness between the different types.


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