Twenty-eight phenotypically separate strains of clinically isolated vancomycin-resistant enterococci have been investigated with two API identification kit systems (20 Strep and Rapid ID 32 Strep) and two BBL Crystal kits (Gram Positive and Rapid Gram Positive). All strains were identified as by a reference laboratory. The Rapid ID 32 kit positively identified 15 of 28 strains (54%), but only two (7%) were identified correctly: 11 were identified as ‘doubtful’ or ‘to genus level’ and two gave ‘unacceptable’ profiles. The API 20 Strep kit identified 27 strains (96%), but only 16 (57%) were identified correctly as . The Rapid ID 32 kit erred by either positively misidentifying vancomycin-resistant as or , or indicated that this was the most likely identification, while the API 20 Strep kit more commonly produced a misidentification as . The Crystal Gram Positive and Rapid Gram Positive kits correctly identified 26 (93%) and 27 (96%) of the strains, respectively.


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