cells expressing fusion proteins consisting of β-galactosidase and bacterial heat-shock protein (HSP) 60 of or were constructed, and designated as HY1, HY2 or HY3, respectively. Fusion proteins prepared from HY2 and HY3 induced secretion of interleukin-8 (IL-8) from human gastric epithelial KATO III cell cultures. On the other hand, the parent strain ( pop2136), PEX (pop2136 transformed by vector) and fusion protein prepared from HY1 did not induce IL-8 secretion from KATO III cells. Other human gastric (MKN45) and non-gastric cell lines (Int 407 and A549) did not secrete IL-8 following treatment with these proteins. These results indicate that HSP60 induces IL-8 secretion from human gastric cells and the levels of IL-8 differ among the various gastric cell lines, suggesting that HSP60 might be an important virulence factor associated with chronic gastric inflammation following infection in man.


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