The copy number and genetic location of IS have provided evidence of strain relatedness in many serotypes of . In this study, 100 isolates of the related serotypes Livingstone (6,7:d:l, w) and Eimsbuettel (6,7,14:d:l, w), representing 10 ribotype/biotype (RT/BT) groups isolated from human and non-human sources in seven countries over a 26-year period, were examined for their IS profiles. The distribution of IS in strains of these serotypes was limited, being present in all 53 isolates of ribotype 1 (RT1) and its variant type RT6, in one of five isolates of RT5 but in none of 42 isolates of RTs 2, 3 or 4. Although the seven IS profiles identified in RT1 isolates were of little value for further discrimination within different biotype groups, they were extremely valuable for confirming serotype: isolates of RT1/BT8/IS profile A (or its variants) and those of RT1/BT3/IS profile B (or its variants) were almost invariably associated with serotypes Livingstone and Eimsbuettel, respectively.


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