exists in two different morphological forms, spiral and coccoid. This study demonstrated that both forms can infect BALB/c A mice. The animals were inoculated orally three times at 2-day intervals with 10cfu of both spiral and coccoid forms of strain CCUG 17874 (NCTC 11637), strain 25 and strain 553/93. Infection was followed over a 30-week period by histological scoring of the grade of inflammation in gastric biopsies. At each time point sera were collected for analysis in ELISA and immunoblot analysis. Both spiral and coccoid forms of all strains gave significantly higher inflammation scores than a control group of animals 1 week after inoculation. The histological evidence persisted throughout the entire 30 weeks. The inflammation was most severe in the pylorus and duodenum. Infection with strain 553/93 displayed the most severe gastritis. The spiral form of strain CCUG 17874 gave an immune response after only 4 weeks, whereas its coccoid form as well as strains 25 and 553/93 (spiral and coccoid forms) gave a significant increase in antibody response in ELISA and immunoblot after 16 weeks. It is concluded that both spiral and coccoid forms of can cause acute gastritis in BALB/c A mice.


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