The expression of a 60-kDa heat shock protein (HSP60) on the cell surface of was analysed by flow cytometry with polyclonal antibody directed to HSP60. All 13 strains of examined expressed HSP60 on the cell surface, although the intensity of expression was different among the strains and depended on culture conditions. There was a correlation between the intensity of HSP60 expressed on the cell surface and the rate of adherence to human gastric carcinoma cells (MKN45) by , but not with urease activity and production of vacuolating toxin. By flow cytometric analysis with monoclonal antibody (MAb) 3C8 against HSP60, the reactive epitope in the HSP60 of was detected on the surface of MKN45 cells. Furthermore, it was shown that gastric epithelial cells were positively stained with MAb 3C8 in one of two biopsy specimens examined. These results suggest that there is a common epitope showing homology between HSP60 and human gastric epithelial cells.


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