Antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of clinical and environmental isolates of demonstrate that the three species are susceptible to β-lactam antibiotics. All strains were susceptible to two quinolones tested and to gentamicin and doxycycline. and were resistant to clindamycin, whereas was moderately susceptible. β-Lactamase was produced by all strains of , but not by or . A 54-kb plasmid was detected in six of 13 strains. Five of the 10 isolates studied gave an identical plasmid pattern of four plasmids ranging in size from 76-kb to 5·0-kb. One strain exhibited a 54-kb plasmid; four strains did not contain plasmid DNA. All isolates contained a 5·7-kb and a 4·9-kb plasmid. and strains were resistant to human serum 20%; 12 of 13 strains of were also serum resistant. Serum resistance may play an important part in the pathogenicity of these species.


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