The distribution of oral carbohydrate type antigens in other viridans streptococcus species was examined. Rantz-Randall extracts of cells of the test strains grown in broth containing glucose were allowed to react with typing or grouping antisera for serotypes , or Lancefield groups A–G and K. Of 93 strains comprising more than 12 streptococcal species that included and complexes, only 15 strains and one strain were immunologically related to serotype Unlike strains, type strains belonged to Lancefield group K, whereas the strain was closely related to serotype but did not react with any of the Lancefield grouping antisera tested. Results suggest that oral strains can be distinguished serologically from other oral viridans streptococci and that the typing antisera used in our researches might differentiate isolates from the mouth from those associated with systemic purulent infections.


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