Most toxigenic strains of produce both toxin A and toxin B. The toxin produced by strain 8864 was characterised and compared with those produced by strain 10463. Toxin A was not detected by immunoassay in cultures from strain 8864 and all the cytotoxic activity produced by this strain was neutralised by antiserum to toxin B. Toxin B from strain 8864 was purified and compared with toxin B from strain 10463. The size of the purified subunits of toxin B from strain 8864 differed slightly from those of strain 10463 and there were small immunological differences. The effect on fibroblast cells was more like that of cytotoxin than of toxin B from strain 10463. These results suggest that strain 8864 produces a modified toxin B and does not produce toxin A.


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