The presence of in the sputum of 191 patients with cystic fibrosis was significantly related (p<0.0001) to the absence of Cross-streaking tests showed that 40 of 50 clinical strains of produced substances that inhibited the growth of When incorporated into agar plates, this antibacterial substance(s) inhibited the growth of 177 of 189 strains of nine staphylococcal species, all of 16 methicillin-resistant and 27 of 39 strains of six other gram-positive genera. The substance(s) did not inhibit 23 strains of seven gram-negative genera tested. The antibacterial activity was heat stable and could be extracted into chloroform; activity was retained on Sephadex G-15 (V/Vo≍2, M <500) and eluted as a single peak from high performance liquid chromatography, well separated from pseudomonic acid, pyocyanin and a number of other phenazines.


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