One hundred and nineteen isolates of , 98 of which were from cystic fibrosis (CF) patients and 21 from environmental and other human sources, were examined for biochemical and exo-enzymatic properties that may contribute to the pathogenicity of this bacterium. The following characteristics were demonstrated significantly more frequently in isolates from CF patients than in control isolates: production of catalase, ornithine decarboxylase, valine aminopeptidase, C14 lipase, alginase and trypsin; reduction of nitrate to nitrite; hydrolysis of urea and xanthine; complete haemolysis on bovine red blood cells; cold-sensitive haemolysis on human red blood cells; greening of horse and rabbit red blood cells. The role of these factors in the pulmonary disease associated with cystic fibrosis is not clear. However, several factors which have been reported previously as being associated with pathogenic processes with other bacteria have now been described in . Additional factors not previously reported as “pathogenicity factors” are also described.


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