Of 120 laboratory-maintained strains of and two of examined for haemolytic and lipolytic activity, 62 exhibited haemolytic activity alone, 20 of these showed haemolytic and lipolytic activity and 40 had neither activity. The strains showed both activities. The results indicated a relationship between haemolysin production and lipolytic activity which was not explained by the serotype of the organism. In addition, the following hydrolytic activities were detected in the cell-free growth media of strains Boldy and (formerly ) Type 5 (substrates acted upon are given in parentheses): acid phosphatase (4-nitrophenylphosphate, naphthyl phosphate, glycerophosphate, phosphorylcholine and GTP); neutral phosphatase (4-nitrophenylphosphate, naphthyl phosphate, phosphorycholine, NADP and UDPG); phosphodiesterase (-4-nitrophenylphosphate, ATP and NADP); NADase (NAD); phospholipase C (4-nitrophenylphosphoryl-choline, phosphatidyl choline and ethanolamine, and sphingomyelin); and lipase and esterase (triacetin, tributyrin, triolein, naphthyl-laurate, -myristate, -caprylate, -palmitate and -oleate, 4-nitrophenyl-acetate -laurate and Tween 80). The preparations also showed weak catalase activity. No evidence was found for the presence of RNAase, DNAase, peptidase/amidase, phosphoamidase, α-amylase, glucosidase, galactosidase, pyranosidase or glucose aminidase.


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