Sera from 29 children and six adults were used to investigate the nature of antigenic cross-reactivity between and B, 15P1.16 by immunoblotting. Major common antigens of 68-70 Kda, 60-65 Kda and 15-20 Kda were detected. Antibody directed against them uniformly decreased after absorption of the sera with the three different species. Antigens of 55 Kda and 35 Kda specific to , and one of 43 Kda specific to , were also demonstrated. Antibody against all antigens was more prevalent in bactericidal than in non-bactericidal sera, although these differences were statistically not significant. Differences in antibody prevalence between carriers of spp. and non-carriers of these organisms were even less marked. Examination of sera by whole-cell enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay against B, 15P1.16 and gave an absorbance ratio of 1:1. Only four sera from children showed no reactivity against the meningococcal strain. These common antigens are likely to be important in vaccine development.


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