The relatively labile (LT) form of the enterotoxin produced by pig-entero-pathogenic strains of strongly dilated ligated segments of rabbit intestine; the more stable (ST) form had a weaker effect. Dilatation was also produced by LT-type preparations of some non-enteropathogenic pig strains.

Similar preparations of cultures of bovine and ovine enteropathogenic strains failed to dilate rabbit and pig intestine; those of the human strains tested also failed to dilate pig intestine.

LT-type preparations of many of the human enteropathogenic strains dilated rabbit intestine; so did a smaller proportion of the non-enteropathogenic human strains tested. The dilating ability of these preparations was destroyed, or markedly reduced, by exposure to heat at 65°C for 15 min. The activity was also neutralised by antiserum in a serotype-specific or strainspecific manner.


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