Intestinal contents obtained at necropsy from 100 patients, 99 of whom died while in hospital, were examined for Ps. . The contents were taken from four sites; the organism was isolated from all sites in eight patients. The over-all carriage rate was 36 per cent., but the rate was increased to 43-2 per cent, if oral antibiotics had been administered, and to 52-6 per cent, if gastro-intestinal surgery had been performed.

Ps. was isolated from the faeces of 13-6 per cent. of 103 out-patients, 18-3 per cent. of 240 in-patients and 4 per cent. of 50 normal persons, and from 73 per cent. of 108 ileostomy fluid specimens.

The sampling method for detecting intestinal carriers of Ps. is discussed.


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