The synergic relationship between and was examined in a model of intra-abdominal abscess formation. The addition of to in the fibrin clot inoculum increased abscess weight and residual numbers of in the abscess at 7 days. In a reciprocal fashion, was capable of enhancing persistence in abscesses. Neither heat-killed nor heat-killed was able to mimic the synergic effect of its live counterpart. Furthermore, culture filtrate was unable to reproduce the ability of live to act synergically with . For to act synergically with , it had to be inoculated locally with in the peritoneal cavity, indicating that an effect on systemic resistance by was an unlikely mechanism for the production of bacterial synergy. These studies suggest that the synergic relationship between bacteria in polymicrobial infections is a complex one, resulting from intimate interactions between bacteria and the host in the local milieu of the infection.


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