The urease enzyme of was studied and compared with that of a related spiral-shaped bacterium, St1, isolated from the rodent ileum. Both bacteria possessed constitutive urease enzymes with activities up to 20-70 times that of This activity was retained on SDS-polyacrylamide gels. Amajor catalytic subunit of mol. wt 300 000 was located for all (six) strains of subjectedto SDS-PAGE whereas St1 had two active forms of mol. wts 140 000 and 150 000. Western-blot analysis indicated the presence of anti-urease antibodies in the sera of patients with -associated gastritis. The response to urease was not strain-specific but no cross-reactivity was detected between the enzyme and that of St1. The very high urease activity of these bacteria is likely to be important in colonisation of the host. Possession of glutamate dehydrogenase activity by both organisms suggests that one role of the urease may be to assimilate the available urea nitrogen. .


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