. Spleen cells from mice immunised with group-A type-M15 streptococci and boosted with purified IgG Fc-receptor (FcR) from this type were fused with Sp 2/0 mouse myeloma cells. The resulting hybridomas were screened by ELISA for antibody production. Two IgM-secreting cell lines were selected. The monoclonal antibodies and ascites fluids inhibited the binding of I-labelled human IgG and IgG Fc-fragments to group-A type-M15 streptococci. The monoclonal antibodies also displaced purified FcR towards the anode in electrophoresis. They opsonised group-A type M-15 streptococci for phagocytosis by human granulocytes in the presence of fresh human serum. It was concluded that FcR is important for group-A streptococcal virulence.


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