Inbred female C3H mice were given 2 x 10 cfu virulent by intraperitoneal injection. Peritoneal washings were harvested between 3 h and 72 h after infection and examined by electronmicroscopy. There was evidence of intracellular killing by polymorphs and macrophages. The degeneration of intracellular salmonellae was seen initially as enlarging central electron-lucent areas in the cytoplasm and peripheral condensation of cytoplasmic granules, followed by disruption of the bacterial envelope and disintegration of cellular structure. Alternatively, the initial injury appeared as an irregular and discontinuous bacterial envelope with compression of the bacterium and diffuse condensation of cytoplasmic granules. It was also evident that virulent salmonellae multiplied extracellularly in the peritoneal cavity of the infected mice.


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