Three hundred and seventy-one penicillin-resistant strains of phage type 95 isolated in the years 1977–1983 were investigated. They had characteristic resistance patterns to cadmium (Cd), arsenate (As) and mercury (Hg). Most were susceptible to all three heavy metals; 25 strains were resistant to As only and one to Cd and As. The susceptible strains had a uniform medium level of penicillinase production, whereas the As-resistant strains produced large amounts of penicillinase. In most of the strains, penicillin resistance was located on a very unstable penicillinase plasmid.

The combinaton of rare properties found in Danish type-95 strains seems to point to the spread of one or two clones. Co-reactions with other phage groups or complexes and results of lysogenisation experiments suggest that the Danish type-95 strains are derived from strains of the 52, 52A, 80, 81 complex.


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