Swabs taken from the amniotic surface of the placenta in a series of 120 Caesarean sections were cultured for mycoplasms and bacteria; organisms of possible significance were isolated from 16 patients. In most of the patients, the membranes had been ruptured for more than 12 hr before Caesarean section, and in 10 of them there was pyrexia after the operation. Some of the babies showed evidence of neonatal infection.

The most frequently isolated micro-organisms in the series were T-strain mycoplasms. Two cases of infection by were encountered, and the clinical and serological findings in them are described. The possible importance of mycoplasms as a cause of infections in the puerperium is discussed.

We are indebted to Dr R. W. Burslem and Mr J. B. Jones for permission to study patients under their care, to the staff of the midwifery department at Withington Hospital for their help in collecting specimens, and to Mr P. Davis and Mr A. E. Eldridge for invaluable technical assistance. This work was made possible by a research grant from the Manchester Regional Hospital Board.


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