Fastidious anaerobe broth and brain-heart infusion cysteine broth supplemented with ‘Panmede’ (a papain digest of ox liver) 2.5% supported the recovery of five strains from simulated blood cultures. Other media tested in parallel—brain heart infusion cysteine broth without ‘Panmede’ and Brewer's thioglycollate broth—were unreliable. Sodium polyanethol sulphonate (Liquoid) 0.05%, inhibited five isolates of , including isolates from patients with Haverhill Fever. Occasionally, Liquoid 0.025% was also inhibitory and a heavy inoculum of one strain, NCTC11194, was completely inhibited by Liquoid 0.012% in simulated nutrient-broth blood cultures. These results suggest that the choice of media included in each blood-culture set is critical for the optimal isolation of . Brain-heart infusion cysteine broth supplemented with ‘Panmede’, or commercially available fastidious anaerobe broth, without Liquoid, is recommended.


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