Motile curved rods seen in vaginal secretions have been isolated on Columbia agar supplemented with 5% human blood and vitamin K. Growth occurred anaerobically and in 5% oxygen but not in more aerobic conditions. There were two distinct groups of these organisms, distinguishable by morphology, biochemical activity and susceptibility to metronidazole. All isolates were sensitive to a wide range of antimicrobial agents, with the exception of nalidixic acid and polymyxin, but one group was resistant to metronidazole. There was little difference between the results of tests of susceptibility to aminoglycosides or to metronidazole performed in anaerobic and microaerophi-lic conditions. Motile curved rods were isolated from 18 of 80 patients with a clinical diagnosis of non-specific vaginitis, but from only two of 39 without the disease.


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