Antiserum specific for salmonella O7 antigen was raised by immunisation of rabbits with an artificial conjugate consisting of oligosaccharide and bovine serum albumin (Os-BSA). The oligosaccharide was a pentasaccharide isolated after cleavage of the O antigen polysaccharide chain of (O antigen 6, 7) with -glycanase from bacteriophage 14. The usefulness of the Os-BSA antiserum for rapid and accurate identification of isolates of of serogroup C1 (O6, 7) was shown by indirect immunofluorescence tests in which 77 strains of of serogroup C1 were correctly identified from among 848 intestinal strains investigated. The finding that three strains of and most strains of were also positive in immunofluorescence tests with this antiserum is readily explained by the known structural similarities among the antigenic determinants of and of serogroup C1. The specificity of the antiserum for the O7 antigen determinant was further demonstrated in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay tests and in co-agglutination tests with staphylococci sensitised with Os-BSA antiserum.


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