Mice were infected with an avirulent cyst-producing strain of and given injections of louping-ill virus 7 days later; control mice were given virus but not Test and control mice were then killed, in groups, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 days later. In the dually infected mice viraemia was later, greater and more prolonged; titres of virus recovered from brain and spleen were greater; production of haemagglutinating antibody to louping-ill virus was later and less, and inflammation in the brain was more severe, than in mice given virus alone. We suggest that suppressed the immunity of mice, making them more susceptible to the virus, and that a significant proportion of the increased number of inflammatory cells observed in the brain could have been toxoplasma specific and not virus-specific and hence contributed to the increased susceptibility of the dually infected mice to louping-ill virus.


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