An assay for the detection of is described. IgG from rabbit antisera against live brucellae or brucella extracts was chemically linked to cellulose to form a solid phase reagent capable of binding brucella antigens present in buffer solutions or serum. After washing away any unbound material the presence of bound antigen was revealed by incubation with radioactively-labelled anti-brucella antibodies.

The assay was capable of detecting less than 100 pg brucella antigen in a 20 sample. Experiments in which IgG of non-related specificity was used in place of anti-brucella IgG showed that the test was specific. Normal human serum had only a slight inhibitory effect but anti-brucella antibodies were strongly inhibitory if present in the test sample. The extent of this effect and its relationship to antibody titre was investigated in 12 sera from brucellosis patients.


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