Six strains of , recently isolated from pathological material obtained from human sources in this country, as well as two strains from the National Collection of Type Cultures, were compared with five strains of .

The two species could readily be differentiated by means of the aerobic nitrate reduction test: reduces nitrate rapidly and completely with the production of gas, whereas reduces nitrate only to nitrite. has a single polar flagellum, has several polar flagella. has heat-stable alkaline phosphatases and gives positive results in the tests for gelatin liquefaction, arginine desimidase, intracellular accumulation of poly-β-hydroxybutyrate, casein hydrolysis, KCN tolerance and opalescence on LV agar. strains were negative in all these respects.

At present it is not possible to say for certain whether found in pathological material represents a secondary invader in a debilitated host or should be regarded as a contaminant.


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