Human adenovirus type 8 (HAdV-8) and 37 (HAdV-37) cause epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (EKC) associated with community-acquired and nosocomial infections. The nucleotide sequences of the entire hexon and fiber genes of eight HAdV-8 and 26 HAdV-37 strains were analysed and the transition mutations in each gene were compared among strains. Compared with prototype strains, the hexon gene of HAdV-8 and -37 strains showed between two and seven and one and twelve variations at nine and 21 different positions, respectively. All of these, except one position in HAdV-37, were located in the conserved region 4 (C4). There were only three polymorphisms in the fiber gene of both HAdV-8 and HAdV-37, fewer than those in C4. The nucleotide sequence of HAdV-8 and -37 C4 might be readily modified during EKC epidemics.


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