Rubella virus contains two envelope glycoproteins, E1 and E2. The amino acid sequence for both glycoproteins is known, as is the number of -glycosylation sites. This study has demonstrated the presence of -linked carbohydrates bound to E2 and determined structural characteristics of the -linked oligosaccharide chains. -linked sugars were found to be resistant to digestion with -glycanase but sensitive to beta-elimination with alkaline borohydride. After treatment with neuraminidase, -linked sugars bound to peanut agglutinin, suggesting the presence of the disaccharide galactose--acetylgalactosamine, masked by sialic acid. The -linked oligosaccharides were large, probably four-branched, and showed a lectin binding pattern suggesting the complex type, with terminal Gal, GlcNAc and sialic acid. No Endo H-sensitive carbohydrates were detected.


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