The Epstein—Barr virus (EBV) major surface membrane antigen (MA), gp350/220, induces antibodies that neutralize virus infectivity . The MA glycoprotein is encoded by nucleotides 1784 to 4504 of the HI L fragment of the EBV genome. To define the antigenic epitopes on gp350, sequences encoding portions of the protein were cloned into an expression system and eight recombinant clones were generated, two overlapping clones representing the C terminus and six overlapping clones representing the N terminus. The epitopes expressed by the recombinant proteins were mapped using 14 anti-MA monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) in a dot blot immunoassay. One of the MAbs reacted with clones that express the C terminus of gp350 and three others reacted with clones expressing the N terminal portion of the protein; the remaining MAbs tested were not reactive with the cloned proteins. The data identify three antigenic determinants on gp350. DNA sequences encoding these epitopes are located between nucleotides 1980 and 2307, 3186 and 3528, and 3528 and 3576 of the HI L fragment. In an attempt to elicit neutralizing antibodies, rabbits were immunized with gel-purified recombinant proteins from four of the clones. Neutralization assays indicate that the proteins expressed by these clones do not induce virus-neutralizing antibodies.


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