A virus-induced RNA polymerase activity (VPA) resistant to actinomycin D has been characterized in cell-free extracts of barley leaves infected with bromegrass mosaic virus (BMV), but not in extracts of leaves infected with barley stripe mosaic virus (BSMV) (Semal & Hamilton, 1968; Semal, 1970). In order to investigate the significance of VPA for the synthesis of BMV, we compared the kinetics of VPA development in extracts of BMV-infected barley leaves with the synthesis of the virus. As with some plant viruses VPA was detectable only at definite stages of infection (Semal, 1969), we also looked for VPA in extracts of BSMV-infected barley leaves at intervals after inoculation.

Barley seedlings were grown in a greenhouse and inoculated at the one-leaf stage with the juice of barley leaves infected with BMV or with BSMV. Control plants gave identical results when either not inoculated, or rubbed with water and Carborundum only.


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