The antibody response to individual rotavirus polypeptides after vaccination with live attenuated heterologous rotavirus vaccines was studied with a radioimmunoprecipitation assay (RIPA). Following vaccination with bovine rotavirus strain RIT 4237 and rhesus monkey rotavirus strain RRV-1, an antibody response was demonstrated mainly against the inner capsid polypeptides VP2 and VP6 and to a lesser extent against VP3/VP4. There was no qualitative difference between the vaccines in the antibody response; both vaccines induced antibodies against the same polypeptides. Quantitatively the antibody response to RRV-1 was somewhat stronger. All prevaccination sera contained by RIPA low levels of rotavirus antibodies. The effect of these antibodies on the ‘take’ of the vaccines is discussed.

Keyword(s): immune response , rotavirus and vaccine

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