The Seventh John Innes Symposium: September 2–5, 1986. Virus Replication and Genome Interactions

The Seventh John Innes Symposium will focus on the replication of host DNA, plasmids and transposable elements. Genome interactions occurring during virus infection and transposition will be examined, and the programme will draw attention to the possible origins and evolution of viruses and transposable elements.

. Bateson Memorial Lecture: A. Kornberg (California)

D. R. Helinski (California); D. Leach (Edinburgh); P. van de Putte (Leiden); C. C. Hentschel (Slough); R. T. Hay (St. Andrews); D. J. McGeoch (Glasgow); J. W. Davies (Norwich); A. Kingsman (Oxford); C. R. Martin (Norwich); J. W. Peacock (Canberra); D. Stern (California)

P. H. Duesberg (California); J. Taylor (Philadelphia); H. Schaller (Heidelberg); R. Hull (Norwich)

L. Kaariainen (Helsinki); A. van Kammen (Wageningen); E. Wimmer (New York); M. Zaitlin (Ithaca); T. C. Hall (Texas); R. H. Symons (Adelaide); A. Gibbs (Canberra)

Summary and concluding lecture to be given by H. Saedler (Cologne)


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