Purified particles of beet cryptic virus (BCV) contained two protein species with estimated mol. wt. of 5.45 × 10 and 5.25 × 10, and four nucleic acid species of mol. wt. 1.36, 1.15, 0.94 and 0.87, all × 10. These nucleic acids were shown to be dsRNA on the basis of thermal denaturation profile, isopycnic sedimentation in CsSO solutions, electron microscopical appearance and nuclease resistance. Previous work has shown that a cryptic virus from leaf beet in Japan reacts with BCV antiserum but contains only two dsRNA species that co-migrate with the two larger RNAs of BCV. These and our results suggest that BCV is a mixture of two viruses, although this was not evident from the appearance of the particles in the electron microscope.


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