The replication of Dugbe (DUG) virus, a member of the Nairovirus genus of the Bunyaviridae, has been investigated. During the infection of BS-C-1 cells a virus-specific c.p.e. was initially observed followed by recovery of the cell monolayer but with continued production of infectious virus. Six DUG virus-induced polypeptides were identified with apparent molecular weights, determined by gel electrophoresis, of 92000 (p92), 82000 (p82), 77000 (p77), 52000 (p52), 48000 (p48) and 34000 (p34). The polypeptides p77 and p34 were detected in purified DUG virions but not in extracts of virus-infected cells pulse-labelled with [H]leucine. Polypeptides p48 and p52 were found in both purified virus preparations and in extracts of infected cells. p82 and p92 were found only in lysates of infected cells. When two-dimensional gel electrophoresis was used to analyse infected cells, p48 was found to have a net positive charge.


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