Protein synthesis in interferon-treated HeLa cells infected by different animal RNA viruses has been studied. Synthesis of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) proteins was not detected in cells treated with concentrations of HuIFN-α(Ly) above 10 IU/ml. No specific inhibition of glycosylation of the G protein was observed. In addition, inhibition of host protein synthesis in IFN-treated cells occurred when high multiplicities of VSV were used, even though no viral protein synthesis was detected. For other viruses, such as Newcastle disease virus, Semliki Forest virus, encephalomyocarditis virus and poliovirus, treatment of cells with interferon also led to inhibition of viral protein synthesis. However, influenza virus and reovirus protein synthesis in interferon-treated cells stayed at control levels. The finding of viral translation in influenza virus and reovirus-infected cells treated with interferon suggests that, at least for these two systems, the antiviral state is not mediated by the bulk inhibition of viral protein synthesis through the dsRNA-activated protein kinase, or the 2′–5′ oligo(A) system.


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