Five monoclonal hybridoma cell lines secreting antibodies against bovine rotavirus have been produced and four of them characterized by immunostaining of structural polypeptides electrophoretically transferred on to nitrocellulose sheets. Three hybridomas appeared to be directed against the major structural polypeptide (VP39) of the virion. These three monoclonals cross-reacted with the major polypeptide of simian rotavirus and human rotavirus. A fourth hybridoma appeared to react specifically with the high-molecular weight external polypeptide (VP89) and its cleavage products. A cross-reaction was observed with human Wa strain but not with SA11. The fifth hybridoma, even though reacting in an immunofluorescent test, did not show any reactivity by immunostaining. None of the monoclonals neutralized the infectivity of bovine rotavirus.


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