Human embryonic fibroblasts (HEF) have been transformed by BK virus (BKV) DNA and by u.v.-inactivated or live BKV alone or in association with methyl-cholanthrene (MTC). The transformed cells produced BKV large T and small t antigens as well as the cellular 53 kdal protein, detected by immunofluorescence and immunoprecipitation. After an initial phase of lysis and virus shedding, virus or its coat protein antigen could not be detected in transformed cells. All human transformed cell lines could be superinfected by BKV or BKV DNA, but their susceptibility to superinfection was 20- to 500-fold lower than normal HEF. BKV could be rescued by fusion of transformed cells with normal HEF or Vero cells and by transfection of normal HEF with total DNA and DNA extracted from the Hirt supernatant of transformed cells. Blot hybridization analysis of DNA from transformed cells showed a considerable amount of free BKV DNA in monomeric and polymeric forms. Integrated BKV DNA was absent in most cell lines but present in only small amounts in BKV-transformed cells treated with MTC. Analysis of free BKV DNA with various restriction endonucleases and by blot hybridization showed that monomeric forms were complete BKV genomes, whereas polymers contained both complete and defective or rearranged BKV DNA. Transformation of HEF was also obtained with a 3.7 kilobase (kb) fragment of the BKV genome, produced by sequential digestion of BKV with the restriction endonucleases I and RI. This fragment extends clockwise on the virus genome from 0 to 72.2 map units and contains the entire early region. Blot hybridization analysis of cells transformed by the I/RI 3.7 kb fragment showed two separate integrations of BKV sequences without free virus DNA.


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