The RNA components of chronic bee-paralysis virus (CPV) and those of chronic bee-paralysis virus associate (CPVA) have been compared. CPV has five single-stranded RNA components, two larger RNAs designated 1 (mol. wt. 1.35 × 10; 4200 nucleotides) and 2 (mol. wt. 0.9 × 10; 2800 nucleotides), and three smaller RNAs designated 3a, 3b and 3c, each with mol. wt. 0.35 × 10 (1100 nucleotides). CPVA has three single-stranded RNA components designated A, B and C, each with mol. wt. 0.35 × 10 (1100 nucleotides). Gel electrophoretic and T fingerprint analyses have shown that RNAs 3a, 3b and 3c are very similar to, and probably identical to, RNAs A, B and C respectively, i.e. these three RNAs appear to be encapsidated in both CPV and CPVA particles. A positive correlation was observed between the proportion of RNAs 3a, 3b and 3c in CPV particles and the amount of CPVA (and hence RNAs A, B and C) which had replicated. Fingerprint analysis has shown that RNAs A, B and C are distinct but related and also that about 50% of the sequence of each these three RNAs is homologous with RNA 2. It is therefore possible that, although CPV and CPVA are serologically unrelated, the RNAs of CPVA have evolved from CPV RNA 2.


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