Pyocin 28 was obtained by induction of 28 with mitomycin. Pyocin activity was correlated with the number of rod-shaped particles in purified preparations. The width of the pyocin rod was uniform, measuring about 90 Å, but the length was not uniform, varying from 200 to 4000 Å, but rods measuring 1000 to 1200 Å were most frequent. A dark central line and regular cross-striations were usually seen on the rod, and a fine fibre was sometimes visible at the sharp end. Pyocin activity was slightly reduced from ultrasonic treatment, but not at all by trypsin, Nagarse, DNase and RNase. The pyocin was stable between pH 5.0 and 8.0, and was completely inactivated by heating at 60° for 10 min. Specific attachment of numerous pyocin rods to the surface of sensitive bacteria was observed by the electron microscope.


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