Nodamura virus, a small non-enveloped RNA virus, contains two species of RNA sedimenting at 22S (RNA-1) and 15S (RNA-2), a single major polypeptide of mol. wt. 40 × 10 and two minor polypeptides, of mol. wt. 38 and 43 × 10. Evidence is presented that the two RNA species are in the same particle. Although extraction of the virus with SDS-phenol yields the two species of RNA as separate entities, gentle treatment of the virus with guanidine and low concentrations of SDS releases the RNA as a 27S component which contains both RNA-1 and RNA-2 together with a trace of protein. It seems likely that the two RNA species replicate separately because double stranded molecules corresponding to the single stranded RNA-1 and RNA-2 molecules were present in BHK cells infected with the virus.


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