A method for the purification of enveloped infectious equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) is presented. Virus from cell culture fluids harvested at 48 h post infection was concentrated by sedimentation and partially purified by differential precipitation with ammonium sulphate. The final steps of purification consisted of two cycles of flotation of virus in pre-formed CsCl density gradients. Yields of infectious virus were about 30% (18 to 44%) of that present in starting material. As judged by electron microscopy, mixed radioisotope labelling, and absence of phosphohydrolase, virus preparations possessed a high degree of purity. Sedimentation of EHV-1 into CsCl density gradients resulted in low recovery of infectious virus. Flotation of virus in CsCl gradients, however, was not deleterious to infectivity of viral preparations.


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