The WHO food virology programme has established a data bank on viruses in foods and the effect of food-borne viruses on public health. Reports in the collection concern:

  • (properties of viruses that affect their transmissibility;
  • (instances of virus occurrence in foods, as evidenced by laboratory detection of the virus or by an outbreak of human disease;
  • (other evidence of virus occurrence in foods;
  • (methods for detecting food-borne viruses and
  • (studies of virus stability or inactivation in foods.
each report is based on one or more sources of information (usually journal articles) from all over the world and has been prepared by a laboratory virologist.

The retrieval system is now in service and precise information on specific subjects can be made available to food control authorities, epidemiologists dealing with food-borne disease outbreaks, research and laboratory workers in the field of food hygiene, and research programme planners.


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