In recent years the role of arginine in the replication of certain intranuclear DNA viruses has been well documented. Rouse, Bonifas & Schlesinger (1963) demonstrated that arginine is required for the replication of type 2 adenovirus and Tankersley (1964) and Sharon (1966) showed that it is essential for the multiplication of herpes virus. More recently, Rouse & Schlesinger (1967) showed for type 2 adenovirus, Russell & Becker (1968) for type 5 adenovirus and Becker, Olshevsky & Levitt (1967) for herpes virus that arginine is not required in the early steps of virus replication which include synthesis of viral DNA, but is essential for the production of complete infectious virions.

The purpose of this communication is to report on the effect of depletion in arginine and other amino acids on the replication of SV 40 virus, and on the synthesis of the early ‘T’ antigen (Pope & Rowe, 1964) and late viral coat proteins of this virus in BSC 1 cells.


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