In general, the properties of respiratory syncytial virus are similar to those of myxoviruses (Chanock, Roizman & Myers, 1957; Hamparian, Hilleman & Ketler, 1963). One of the interesting properties of respiratory syncytial virus infection is syncytium formation (Jordan, 1962; Kisch, Johnson & Chanock, 1962). It has also been reported that the development of syncytia is influenced by the composition of the medium, the type of host cells (Jordan, 1962) and the incubation temperature (Suto 1965), but it is not inhibited by the presence of virus antibody in the medium (Taylor-Robinson & Doggett, 1963). In the present studies, we report evidence of cell to cell infection with respiratory syncytial virus by successful transfer of virus antigen from infected cells to uninfected cells in the presence of antiviral serum.

The strain of respiratory syncytial virus supplied by Dr R. M. Chanock (National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Md, U.S.A.) was used throughout.


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