Precipitating antigens present in extracts of chick embryo cells infected with the HPRS-16 attenuated strain of Marek's disease virus (att-MDV) were separated by gel filtration on Sephadex G200 and some of their properties determined. The two main antigens detected with convalescent MD serum, referred to as ‘B’ and ‘C’ antigens, had mobilities of 0.55 and 0.25 respectively relative to phenol red on electrophoresis in 7.5% acrylamide gel. The B antigen was relatively stable and of low mol. wt. in comparison with the C antigen. B and C antigens were in some instances also detected in culture medium of infected cells, but were distinguishable from the A antigen, a major glycoprotein antigen released into the culture medium of cells infected with HPRS-16. The results of immunodiffusion studies suggest that B antigen is common to MDV and strains of herpes virus of turkeys (HVT) and that at least 2 antigens (including C) are MDV specific. The A antigen was also common to MDV and HVT strains. It was noted however that the capacity of HPRS-16/att to synthesize A antigen was considerably reduced in comparison with HPRS-16 and HVT strains, and in some preparations the A antigen could not be detected. Evidence was also obtained for the presence of HVT-specific antigens associated mainly with the cell fraction.


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