Lysogens of the Mat-Ce3 mating type strain of were isolated from infections by nocardiophage φC. U.v. irradiation induced phage production in about 37% of the treated population. Phage produced from spontaneously induced populations appeared to undergo host-controlled alteration(s) which allowed it to propagate in the normally resistant Mat-cE2 mating type strains. A growth experiment performed with the infected Mat-cE2 cells showed that the phage progeny failed to inherit the capacity to propagate in Mat-cE2 strains. However, phage obtained from the Mat-Ce3 lysogens could be propagated in Mat-Ce3 hosts and still retain their ability to infect the Mat-cE2 strains. The observations may represent a new type of host-controlled phenotypic alteration of nocardiophage which acts on prophage.


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