Temperature-sensitive mutants of adenovirus type 5 have been examined by various serological techniques. Cells infected with these mutants at the non-permissive temperature responded in different ways and four main serological groups could be assigned on the basis of complement fixation tests, namely group I, which showed no major differences in the production of capsid antigens; Group II, which showed no production of any of the capsid antigens; Group III, which showed no production of fibre antigen; and Group IV, which showed limited production of hexon antigen and variable yields of penton base antigen. Fluorescent antibody tests further subdivided the latter group into mutants which showed no production of hexon antigen and those which showed production of hexon antigen, although with an abnormal distribution. These results were in good agreement with the complementation data although within most of the serological groupings there was more than one complementation group.


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